About us


About us

NCU Chinese Language Division
  • Origin and Mission

    The program of Chinese language courses at the Language Center of National Central University (NCU) began in 2001. It is mainly to provide non-native speakers with Chinese language courses so that they can recognize Chinese culture. So far, it has achieved considerable results.
  • Features

    We offer quarterly intensive Chinese language courses, semester Chinese courses, and Chinese language teaching credit program. The design of the courses focuses on developing students’ fluent communication skills, supplemented by cultivating their familiarity with Chinese social culture. Besides, to aim at training outstanding talents in Chinese language teaching, we have set up an interdisciplinary program of teaching Chinese as a second language.
  • Faculty

    All of our teachers have relevant academic qualifications in Chinese language teaching and have extensive experience in the field of teaching Chinese as a second language.
  • Outlook

    Besides the goal of becoming an excellent language teaching institute, we are committed to the research of Chinese language teaching and learning. We look forward to continuously improving the teaching resources and environment under the guidance of relevant research and good leadership. Also, to meet the needs and trend of the internationalization of the university as well as the school’s policy, our Chinese courses are developed in the same direction and philosophy. As the number of foreign students and people coming to Taiwan increases, we will provide alllearners with suitable Chinese language courses and a good learning environment.