NCU Interdisciplinary Program of TCSL

Language Teaching Credit Course

NCU Interdisciplinary Program of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

In response to the trend of internationalization and Chinese learning and to develop the second specialty of our students, the Language Center of NCU established the Chinese Language Teaching Credit Program in August 1996 to actively cultivate talents in Chinese language teaching. It is mainly to enhance their understanding of Chinese language education and to achieve the goal of international communication.

  • Establishment Background

    • October 2002  ─  Training courses for Chinese language teachers are offered
    • September2003  ─  2-credit course Introduction to Chinese Language Teachingis offered 
    • February 2004  ─  2-credit course Chinese Language Teaching Materials, Teaching Methods and Practice is added
    • September 2004  ─  Introduction to Chinese Teaching changed to a 3-credit course
    • February 2005  ─  Chinese Language Teaching Materials, Teaching Methods and Practice changed to a 3-credit course
    • February 2007  ─  More courses such as Introduction to Chinese Linguistics and Chinese Multimedia and Computer-Assisted Instruction are added 
    • May 2007  ─  The Academic Affairs Conference of National Central University approved and established Chinese Language Teaching Credit Program officially 
  • Program Goals

    • - To explore professional subject areas where Chinese is a second language;
    • - To discuss teaching methods for foreigners or overseas Chinese;
    • - To train Chinese language teachers with domestic and overseas teaching capabilities;
    • - To cultivategreat talents in Chinese language teaching and research
  • Qualifications for taking courses

    • The program is available to students of all faculties of NCU. The maximum number of enrollment in this program is 50 students per semester, and the selection methods are personal data review and oral examination.
    • The courses of this program are open for single course selection to all students. Students from other schools and members of society need to follow the relevant regulations of the school. For single course selection, only credit proof will be provided.